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*LED* Feeling's Flame® 110v or 220v-

Price: Starting at $36.00


Socket Base:
 The New LED Electric Candle Bulb with moving flame is  perfect for any light fixture with candelabra sockets including chandeliers, sconces and candelabras.
  • 1 Single pack includes 1 LED Feeling's Flame®bulb and 1 white Plastic candle sleeves (not shown-pictured with the Ultimate wax sleeve in Ivory)
  • 25 Pack includes 25 LED Feeling's Flame® Bulbs and 25 White Plastic Sleeves(not packaged for individual resale).
  • Fits any standard candelabra based socket E12 or E14
  • Available 110v U.S. or 220v European standard
  • 1.5 Watt
  • Rated life approx. 20,000 hrs.
  • Total Length 5 1/2"
  • Socket Length 2 3/4"  (portion which should be covered by your chandelier sleeve)
**If you are currently are using the original incandescent bulb and would like to switch to the LED version, you will need to adjust your socket or sleeve to accommodate the additional 3/4" that the LED bulb requires.


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